We connect your brand directly to consumers by turning physical products into a content channel.

Blue Bite is the New Content Strategy

Blue Bite creates a new kind of marketing and communication channel, providing your brand a new approach to brand strategy that cuts through the digital noise created by existing channels like social media and email.

While this new channel delivers content directly to consumers, it doesn’t mean you’ll need to devote resources to creating new content. In fact, Blue Bite is often used as an innovative and effective way to leverage existing content.

What is Content Strategy for Blue Bite?

Content has become a buzzword in recent years, but is often ill-defined. At Blue Bite, we think of content strategy the same way Kevin P. Nichols of SapientNitro does:

In other words, content goes beyond things like videos, social posts and web copy. It is simply any kind of information delivered to consumers exactly when they need it.

Reexamine What Content and Personalization Really Mean

The content that consumers care about is what’s relevant to them. Content is information that adds value, and can be as simple as directions to the nearest store, what the weather will be today or when a prescription was last filled.

Featuring this type of information, Blue Bite powers inherently personalized experiences. Every marketer now knows the importance of personalization, but it’s much easier said than done. Blue Bite makes it easy by delivering the right information to each person at the right time.

No Resource-Heavy Content Creation Required

Brands sometimes worry they won’t have the resources to create new content for their Blue Bite digital Experiences. However, innovative brands find ways to use a combination of existing content, third party content, user generated content and more to create engaging, effective experiences. Read on for examples.

Boost Underperforming Content

  • Great content often goes under-recognized and under-engaged on social media and other platforms
  • Blue Bite cuts through the social media noise and delivers content directly to consumers
  • Repurpose previously underperforming social media content into content consumers want to interact with

Repurpose Content to Increase Ecommerce Sales

  • Include links to other products and descriptions that allow consumers to find complementary products to purchase
  • Remind consumers to reorder products

A Focused Approach

  • Take a quality versus quantity content approach and find more significant, long-term results that resonate
  • Don’t throw every asset you own into one constantly updated mobile experience, consumers are quickly overwhelmed in our world of constant content

Use Third Party Content to Build Consumer Trust

  • Leverage resources like Google Maps for directions, weather apps and more provide additional value
  • Provide a “you don’t have to take our word for it” reinforcement of quality with reviews from sites like Amazon and Yelp
  • This is particularly important in-store, where 90% of consumers are using their phone to research potential purchases

Content is a Two-Way Street

  • Not all of the content has to come from your brand: what your users say is content, too.
  • Feedback, surveys, contests and more are all ways for consumers to engage, essentially creating their own content.
  • This empowers the audience and provides additional consumer data to the brand.

Gamification of Existing Content

  • Blue Bite empowers gamification features that allow you to turn existing content into engaging gamification experiences
  • This kind of interactivity is proven to keep consumers coming back

Effective Content Characteristics

Make Content Interactive

A recent study from Zeppelin University, “The potential of new product integrated technologies on customer engagement,” looks at the types of mobile content that are particularly effective for consumers interacting with embedded NFC finds trends showing the higher the level of interactivity, the higher the customer engagement. Blue Bite makes interactivity easy.

Appeal to Emotions

The study also compared the impact of emotion-based content (“non-instrumental, emotional value related to seeking entertainment, pleasure and fun…”) versus utilitarian content (“functional, instrumental value, providing consumers with useful information). The survey found trends indicating that, while both types of content are important to consumer engagement, consumers engaged more with emotional content.

The takeaway is that consumers engage more with interactive content that brings pleasure. Presenting the types of content above in a way that meets consumers where they are is key to improving consumer engagement.

It doesn’t take a large amount of new content, but it does take a tool like Blue Bite to easily present it in the most engaging and relevant way possible.

Originally published at https://www.bluebite.com.

We strive to improve lives by connecting people and information through the physical world. To learn more, visit www.bluebite.com

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