How Our Footprint Goes Beyond the Steps We Take

Whether you believe in a higher power, an afterlife or even nothing at all, we all indefinitely spend time on this planet. The things we do and the decisions we make during our stint on Earth (and maybe on another planet in the not-so-distant future) dictate the footprint we leave. However, our footprint is both a physical and metaphorical imprint, the latter of which many of us fail to remember.

Some choose to devote their lives to making the rest of the world more livable and sustainable for others, while others focus their sights on cultivating a different type of green for themselves. I believe that either route taken is important in its own regard as long as we make a conscious effort to remember that we pass this earth down from hand to hand, generation to generation.

On a more magnified level, our footprint includes the legacy we leave and the reputation we leave with it. The work we carry on from our parents, the lessons we choose to instill in our peers and our children (for those who decide to have families) make us accountable in some way. The decisions made by the people we influence are in some ways extensions of our own legacy.

Essentially, the purpose of this memo is not to rant in light of recent events, it is to be a reminder to us all, that with every action we take and with every word we command, the impact ripples through the fabric of our existence forming an everlasting impact. Our footprint may appear to wash away over time, but in many ways is very permanent.

Rich Damiani
Ad Sales Assistant
Complex Media

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