Musings: An Introduction to Blue Bite’s Thought Leadership Initiative

Blue Bite was founded in 2007 with a vision to merge the physical and digital worlds through the use of mobile phones. Today, more than ever, we see this to be true. People navigate their daily lives through the physical world with the assistance of these inseparable little devices. Whether in hand, pocket, or bag, smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life, and in turn human life and smartphones are evolving in tandem.

As mobile capabilities have become smarter and more complex, other aspects of the world and life too have been forced to adapt to the new ways that humans interact with their phones. One such area, among many, has been the advertising and marketing worlds. As phones become the omniscient technology of the 21st century, technologies like desktop computers have seen less usage; this is even truer for television, print and radio. And so marketers and advertisers are faced with a new challenge: how to reach consumers in a world where they spend 177 minutes of their daily time — on mobile[1].

With the relationship between digital and physical at a height never before reached, we here at Blue Bite have taken on an initiative to share with the world our thoughts and perspectives on all facets related to our industry. Through this platform, we hope to become an admirable and sought-out voice on all things mobile, tech, advertising, out-of-home, IoT and their related topics.

We hope that you, as our readers, will chime in on our discussions and let us know your thoughts and how you think the digital and physical, the mobile and human are all interrelated and how it will grow and transform in the years to come. We also encourage you to reach out and participate in our blog.

Looking forward to collaborating, thinking, and conversing,

Rachel Furst
Director of Communications
Blue Bite

[1] Flurry Analytics, Comscore, Q4 2014

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