The New Channel: Own the Channel, Cut Through the Noise

Blue Bite empowers you to reach consumers directly, establishing a two-way communication that improves consumer experiences and increases lifetime value.

Contributing to this huge amount of data are the 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook, the 95 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every day, and the 5 billion searches performed every day on search engines like Google.

This is just a small sample — also think of the email inboxes we drown in and the advertisements dotting our online experiences. Online noise is more distracting than ever, and it’s only getting worse.

Successful brands find ways to cut through this noise presented by social media, email, advertisements and so many other channels.

Blue Bite: the New Channel

Blue Bite creates a new channel — a fully brand-owned and controlled sales and communication channel that connects directly to consumers.

Brands transform physical products into digital platforms by implementing technologies like NFC and QR. Consumers interacting with these technologies — using their phone to tap directly on existing products — activate digital experiences that serve as personalized, one-to-one communication channels. Data goes directly to brands, not to retailers.

Use Your Brand-Owned Channel to

Don’t worry about algorithms, don’t pay for ads — use your products to deliver content directly to consumers

Blue Bite experiences are personalized to users based on how often a product is used, whether it has been sold, its location and more.

Redefine content. Blue Bite delivers and collects information to create a better consumer experience and a better way to stay in touch with consumers.

  • Tell the story of a sustainable product with the product
  • Incentivize product registration
  • Present instruction manuals and use cases
  • Offer related products for sale
  • And more

Protect your brand and reassure consumers with Blue Bite authentication. Confirm products are authentic, whether they are purchased directly from your brand, from a retailer or even second-hand.

Offer exclusive content that’s only available to those that have purchased your products

Through repeat sales, introduction of related products, and by notifying current consumers of new products, among others.

Originally published at on September 17, 2019.

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