Top 20 NFC & QR Uses of 2020

1 — Burger King Will Give You a Free Whopper If You Catch Its Moving QR Code on TV

2 — iOS 14’s App Clips will save you from always needing ‘an app for that’

3 — POC Ventral Air Spin NFC Helmet

4 — Chiquita Banana Spotify Codes

5 — Welcome, please scan your QR code: In South Korea, a high-tech registry for nightlife amid coronavirus

6 — Vita Coco Coupon

7 — WhatsApp tests new feature that lets you add contacts via QR codes

8 — PAACHN NFC Face Mask

9 — Oliva Cigars Adding Traceability to Products With QR Codes

10 — CVS becomes first national retailer to offer support for Paypal and Venmo QR codes at checkout

11 — Levi’s and Ganni Double Up on Upcycled Rental Denim

12 — World’s first Giant, Land Based Scannable QR Code arrives on North Wales Beach

13 — Princes turns to QR codes and blockchain for sustainability storytelling

14 — Bike Path Call 911

15 — Jones Soda Turns Bottles into Voter Registration Tools

16 — Square launches QR codes that let you order from your table at a restaurant

17 — ExxonMobil to combine NFC and QR mobile payments at the pump

18 — What’s behind the QR code on Vogue India’s September cover?

19 — Stacy’s Pita Chips links to women’s business directory with QR codes

20 — Sony shows how much easier logging into the PS5 can be, among other tutorials



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