What CPG Brands Need to Create Successful DTC Customer Journeys

Many large, traditional CPG brands are turning to direct sales, but aren’t fulfilling a key element in the customer journey. This is what they need to do.

With the rise of native direct-to-consumers (DTC) brands, more traditional brands are discovering the advantages of connecting with, and selling to, consumers directly. The consumer behavior changes ushered in by the COVID pandemic have accelerated this refocus. Here’s how Modern Retail puts it:

[The familiar model of retail] is changing however, as less boutique consumer products, such as a case of Diet Pepsi, for example, enter the mix. As consumer preferences change, brands are witnessing rapid growth in the form of more traditional CPG brands seeking out DTC-like business models.

As brands evolve their DTC strategies, many are missing major moments in what has become the new customer journey, thereby losing direct sales and the ability to create longer term relationships with consumers.

The Importance of a Digital Experience

Part of this entails revamping websites. Required updates can range from creating content marketing that encourages conversions to building an ecommerce platform. But even then, brands are forced to rely on consumers to find their way to these websites.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Put the Digital Experience in Consumers Hands

Unlike a static website, these digital experiences are inherently personalized to the specific user based on a variety of contextual factors like the item scanned, physical location, position in the customer journey and more.

Drive Sales

Drive Relationships

For example, when a consumer scans the QR code on a bag of chips, the brand includes a video related to the specific flavor that is scanned. While this same video may get lost in the social media noise, the brand is able to repurpose it here to actually get it seen by consumers.

Don’t create new CPG content, make your content work harder for you.

Drive Data

Using a Blue Bite-powered dynamic digital experience empowers CPG brands to directly engage consumers and offer them more value. In return, brands see better direct sales and more long term value through a new kind of relationship with consumers.

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