Learn what smart packaging is and see examples of how brands use it to better connect to consumers.

“Think of Tiffany & Co. For most people, the iconic robin’s-egg blue box is more recognizable than the jewelry itself.” Inc. magazine gets it right when illustrating that product packaging is as important as the product itself.

Originally purely functional, packaging has evolved to serve a variety of additional functions, including branding like the iconic Tiffany box color. Smart packaging continues that evolution.

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging is packaging with functionality beyond the original and primary uses: to contain, protect and preserve products…

See the top footwear technologies of 2021, including self-lacing capability, connected shoes, new kinds of sustainability and more.

Self-Lacing Capabilities

Jordan Brand Air Jordan 11 Adapt

Apparel and footwear brands are uniquely positioned to lead the DTC revolution. We look at how it will work.

What Does Direct to Consumer Mean in 2021?

At face value, DTC is the same as it’s always been — brands selling products and services directly to consumers with no retailer or other middleman involved in the process. But things aren’t quite so simple.

Is DTC a Sales Channel or a Category?

Until recently, this was also a fairly easy question to answer: DTC was a sales channel. For example, adidas sells many of its shoes through retailers, online and off. Footlocker, Zappos, wherever. But they also leverage DTC sales channels, selling and shipping directly to consumers…

Check out some of the top consumer experiences from 2020, all brought to you by QR and NFC.

QR codes and NFC tags have been making products smart for years, but the use of both accelerated in 2020. Consumer demand for contactless solutions spurred much of this growth, as did the fact that both connecting technologies can now be used natively on almost all new devices.

All of this led to fantastic NFC and QR uses in 2020. Explore 20 of our favorites below.

1 — Burger King Will Give You a Free Whopper If You Catch Its Moving QR Code on TV

Connected products allow brands to build better consumer experiences than ever before. Here’s how they do it.

The word “connection” can mean many things. There are connections that are large and some that are barely noticeable. Connection is dependent on context and perspective..

Connection between brands and consumers occurs at everyone touchpoint between the two. The best of these connections create a two-way relationship established before an initial purchase and last long after. …

Blockchain solutions for businesses are easy and scalable when you have the right infrastructure and interface.

While it’s easy to understand why securing items in the blockchain is so important, the process can still seem daunting to brands. VeChain and Blue Bite make the process simple and straightforward.

VeChain Creates the Infrastructure

With VeChain’s extensive experience in the deployment of blockchain technology in real business scenarios, the one stop data BaaS platform VeChain ToolChain (TM) has become the market’s business-ready standard tool for blockchain integration and adoption.

VeChain ToolChain (TM) is characterized by its high standardization, light cost and flexible payment in the market…

Though primarily associated with financial transactions, blockchain technology has a wide variety of uses that create a more trusted customer experience.

Although blockchain is often associated primarily with bitcoin and other virtual currency applications, blockchain is simply the technology that powers and protects those financial transactions.

IBM explores why businesses around the world are quickly adopting blockchain for many kinds of applications, as it “is a shared, immutable ledger for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust.”

A crucial component is that this ledger offers access to data by numerous parties, even when they have conflicting interests. …

The most effective methods of building a strong customer loyalty program for your eCommerce brand.

Loyal customers spend more money with brands that make them feel appreciated. 78% of them will tell their friends and family about a good experience they had.

As a method of customer retention, eCommerce loyalty programs help keep and engage existing customers to convert and interact with your brand more frequently.

In this article, we’ll take a look at different types of loyalty programs and ways to streamline your loyalty plan as a way of engaging and retaining buyers.

eCommerce Loyalty Programs: What Types Are There?

We’ll first look at the different…

Many large, traditional CPG brands are turning to direct sales, but aren’t fulfilling a key element in the customer journey. This is what they need to do.

With the rise of native direct-to-consumers (DTC) brands, more traditional brands are discovering the advantages of connecting with, and selling to, consumers directly. The consumer behavior changes ushered in by the COVID pandemic have accelerated this refocus. Here’s how Modern Retail puts it:

[The familiar model of retail] is changing however, as less boutique consumer products, such as a case of Diet Pepsi, for example, enter the mix. …

Personalized marketing is more important to today’s consumer than ever. Learn five ways to implement personalized marketing strategies.

Personalization is a critical part of developing an efficient marketing strategy. In the past, common marketing tactics included broad reaches such as billboards or flyers. Personalized marketing is the new way to efficiently engage your target audience. It allows you to tailor promotional messages to customers by identifying their specific interests.

In this day and age, with information so readily available, customers expect a seamless buying experience. This means they don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant products or information. 59% of…

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